Content Creation

Create and distribute your content

Design your holograms with your own tools, adding just a bit of custom process. Using industry standard solutions, our documentation will enable you to create high-end digital content.


Here is a video to learn in a nutshell :

  • How to recognize a subject that will make for a great hologram
  • DO and DON'T of hologram creation
  • How to frame your content for best effect

Each product has its own resolution and content format. It's important to learn them beforehand for best effect.
Your product's user Manual[ref needed] is the go-to reference for this and should contain all the technical data required. Our base templates[ref needed] will abstract away much of this though. They will allow you to create perfectly fitted content in no time.

Templates are provided for designers using Adobe Creative Suite, 3D artists on Blender, Developpers on Unity3D and then some...