Contactless Control


Contactless technologies (NFC/RFID) are supported on our products by two means :

  • Direct access via pcsclite.
  • Managed via product administration.

This service allow you to control your product playlist with NFC tags.

Holusion advises the use of ccid compliant readers

Contactless control

Product configuration to use contactless readers takes only a few seconds.

Set Up :

  • Connect yourself to your product’s administration interface
  • Plug in your NFC reader through the back panel USB

Usage :

When placing a card in range from the reader, the admin interface will display it’s unique ID (“Options” tab).

holusion contactless tag recognition

Once copied this ID can be added to a media’s configuration panel by clicking on it’s icon.

holusion contactless tag recognition

Note : “nfc” must be written in lower case. Don’t forget to click on to save changes.

How it works

When a card is on the reader :

  • medias assigned to its tag are enabled
  • All other medias are disabled

When no card is detected :

  • Videos having no associated tag are enabled
  • Videos having a nfc tag are disabled

To stop NFC tracking, just delete the config line using the icon on conf panel and save changes.