Prism User Manual

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The product

Holusion’s prism displays holograms 20cm tall in its glass pyramid. It’s easy to transport and particularly adapted for nomad use. It is a 360° display with a free floating image that will sublimate your products.

Security Instructions

When using the holusion prism, please take the following precautions :

  • Read the whole user manual before first use
  • Do not use the product on a soft surface : It may obstruct air vents and make it overheat.
  • When moving the product around, always hold the bottom part of the product. Do not hold it by its top part.
  • Always use in non-condensing places : humidity can damage electronic components.

User Guide

Start the product

  • Set up the product on a clean and stable furniture
  • Plug the product on the standard power supply provided with it
  • Wait for the product to boot

Note : The product may take a few seconds but it should eventually boot without having to press the power button.

Stop the product

  • Press briefly the power button just next to the power connector plug.
  • Wait for the product to be completely off before unplugging it.

Manage the content

Content management is similar to all our products. Details can be found here

Maintenance of the prism

  • Always turn off the product before doing any cleanup
  • The glass parts are best cleaned with any glass cleaner spray
  • One can use standard cleaning products on plastic and metal parts.
  • Always take care not to damage any electronic components when cleaning the product.


If you need designation for some specific parts of the product, please always use the official nomenclature :

nomenclature holusion prism