Prism User Manual

The product

Holusion’s Prism displays holograms 20cm high in its glass pyramid. It is easy to transport and particularly adapted for nomad use. It is a 360° display with a free floating image that will sublimate your products.


Install first the Prism on a soft horizontal surface for not obstructing the air vents. The center of the pyramid has to be at 1.70m of the ground, just in front of the observers’ eyes.

Plug the provided power cable at the back of the Prism, and into a power outlet.

Get started the Prism with the on/off button at the back and wait the end of the loading. For turning off the Prism, use the same button.

Schéma Prism

Hologram’s management from a computer

Connexion on the local network

Connect the Prism to your local network thanks to an Ethernet cable, or directly to your computer with an Ethernet/usb adaptator.

Visit this link for downloading the software « Stargazer » and follow the instructions. Stargazer is an open source software delopped by Holusion in order to share datas from computers to our products.


When Stargazer is installed, launch the app. You can either launch a video already on Stargazer, or download videos you made. The use instructions for Stargazer are on the same link than the installation instructions.

When the video is launched on Stargazer, the hologram is working on the Prism.

Hologram creation

Holographic video format

Prism hologram is a mp4 video. The graphic resolution has to be in 1280x1024. For more information, connect on this page.

Contents creation

In order to obtain an hologram as optimal as possible, we have compiled advice in this video.

It is possible for you to create content in different ways. The two main ones are :

  • Black background shooting : In order to modelize quickly an object or a person, one of the technique is the black background shooting. For more information, visit this page.

  • 3D graphics : For realizing 3D, we use the opensource software Blender. It helps you to create objects, animations, viual effects, etc. For more details, visit this link.

From an object to an hologram

Video adaptation and montage

In order to adapt your video as content for the Prism, start with your 3D object. You just need to follow our templates for transforming your video into an hologram.

For transforming your video into adapted content, a quick conception step is necessary. It is detailed on the following link, in fonction of the video software you use. You can download there the adapted templates :

Pyramid video format for prism

  • For After Effect : Adobe video montage software.
  • For Natron : Open source video montage software.
  • For Blender : Open source 3D grapics software.

Travel, manipulation, cleaning

For every travel of the Prism, take it back in the wooden flightcase, packed up as at the receipt.

Never raise the Prism by the upside slab, by taking the screen, at the risk of breaking it. Carry it with the downside slab includes no risk.

Before cleaning the Prism, turn it off for avoiding electric choc. For the glass pyramid, use a classical windshield washer and a microfiber towel for not scratching. With this equipment, tou can also wash the entire structure.

Do not leave the Prism in a wet environment, at a temperature below 0°C or under 45°C. Do not put in contact of water.