Paris Retail Week 2016

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Hologramme Kiabi

Kiabi ventures in the augmented commerce

For the second time, the Holusion company went to the Equipmag - Paris Retail Week from the 12nd to the 14th of september 2016. During this unavoidable retail's actors meeting, Holusion presented a solution for Kiabi in the Picom area : the New Shopping Experience. An experiment also presented on the Conext in Lille in october.

Holographic Shop Window

The french wear brand has decided to refresh its brand image and to bring it a new dynamism. A fun dimension that we already find in its slogan "Kiabi colors the life". Its solution ? The holographic Shop Window. You could have seen the clothes but also the models displayed in the Focus.

A pop up store for holidays !

But concretely, what gives that ? Kiabi will test this innovative concept in a pop up store for holidays in Paris. A transparent screen, the Chroma, will accomodate clients with a welcoming message and models wearing the collection. Once inside, the clients will face the Iris hologram. He will discover the store's collection, preview each product's sheet and find its location. A virtual environment will be created to make the brand and its products stand out, and sustainably engage the clients.

"Retail and e-commerce, the great convergence : technology entirely transforms the store's role : if it stays the main channel, it also becomes the client's engagement center." Interview of Nouvel Economiste.
Hologramme Kiabi
Hologramme Kiabi
Hologramme Kiabi
Hologramme Kiabi

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