30cm holographic fan

30cm holographic fan: A 30cm diameter holographic fan

A 30cm diameter holographic fan

The holographic fan is an original device that enables you to display holograms. It is an excellent solution to show your products to your clients, in an innovative and immersive way. Moreover, if you purchase an holographic fan, you get your 3D animated logo for free !

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  • weight : 300g
  • total size : diameter of 33cm, thickness of 4cm
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Composition et functioning

Do you want your shop to be more attractive ? The holographic fan is a very good option to make your shop front more dynamic thanks to the holograms it displays. You can use the fan as an innovative medium to show 3D content so that you highlight your products. It is the opportunity for you to draw public's attention and encourage people to discover your different items.

With its 30cm diameter, the fan is very compact and you can set it up in every type of configuration in a few seconds. It offers you a great mobility which is really pleasant if you want to insert a hologram in your shop window: the holographic display is perfectly visible, no matter the light in the room. You can also connect the fan in WIFI and choose the content you want to show. Doing so, you will be able to change the content displayed by the fan to suit your new products or offers.

On each light bar of the fan, you can find LEDs strips that switch on while the holographic fan starts its high-speed rotation movement. Hence, it is the combination of the LEDs and the movement of the fan that creates the hologram, thanks to the retinal persistence. Furthermore, you can create larger holograms by using several synchronized holographic fans in order to create a "wall of fans" that will display a much larger hologram.

Finally, if you purchase an holographic fan, Holusion offers you the opportunity to model and animate your own logo. We provide you with a video adapted to the fan so that you can display your logo as soon as you receive your parcel.

30cm diameter holographic fan

The holographic fan in a nutshell

  • It is an affordable solution to make your shop front more attractive
  • A very good way to draw your client's attention
  • An innovative medium to display your logo tailor made by Holusion
  • A 30000 hours lifespan

You also have the possibility to buy a stand for your holographic fan in ordrer to place it wherever you want !

Video of the holographic fan



brightness : 1800cd/m²

resolution : 512x512

active display size : 33cm


total size : diameter of 33cm, thickness of 4cm

weight : 300g

power : 24W

Supported formats : .jpg .jpeg .gif .mp4 .avi


colors : black

lights : 256 LEDs

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