l'iris 22 d'Holusion en configuration horizontale présentant un hologramme de la dame de brassempouy

Digital user experience creator

Specialist in custom digital signage, holusion provides a wide range of products.
From small smartphone goodies to 2m wide transportable displays.
We sell and rent our products all over europe.

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Iris32 with building 3d model

Impress your audience

Make a lasting impression with images of exceptional quality. Early adopters of UltraHD screens or other new display technologies, we can share our knowledge and experience to provide you with the best reliable experience.

Our packaged solutions will provide unsurpassed immersion and customer engagement for your business cases.

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Need to rend our product for an exhibition ?

Our best solutions to display your 3D models in holograms

Rent it, just for the show, or buy it to bring it home

Made in France

Iris 22" Iris 32" Iris 75"
w/o VAT
3 days renting
1 750
w/o VAT
3 days renting
4 950
w/o VAT
3 days renting
  • 1000 cd/m²
  • image full HD
  • 49 x 29cm
  • 1000 cd/m²
  • image full HD
  • 70 x 39cm
  • 2500 cd/m²
  • image 4k
  • 165 x 92 cm
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Our 3D models

Convert your BIM 3D models into holographic animations. It's our specialty.

Calculate by yourselves the cost of your content for projects under 10.000sqm

Explore Improve Upgrade
per model
per model
per model
  • The bare necessity for exploration
  • An improved visualization
  • Upgrade your 3D simulation
Inclus :
  • Dynamic orbital view
  • Required data format: .ifc / .fbx / .obj / .3ds
Inclus :
  • All of "Explore" included
  • Dynamic transitions
  • Realistic renders
Inclus :
  • All of "Improve" included
  • Advanced screenwriting
  • Motion design
  • Dedicated art management
  • Rooms and flats in cutaway view
  • Ultra-HD rendering

Our administration tools

Control your hologram by yourself. Easy and stress free.

Thanks to our cloud solutions, enjoy remote control and an iPad application for interactive holograms.

Interactivity, reliability and easy updates.

Individual Professionnal Entreprise
Single model
Recuring needs
125€ w/o VAT/month
12 months commitment
210€ w/o VAT/month
12 months commitment
  • Autonomous offline management of your products
  • Online remote administration
  • 10Go cloud storage included
  • 1 to 4 displays in local management
  • iPad control
  • iPad included
  • Online remote administration
  • 100Go cloud storage included
  • Up to 100 holographics displays in remote management
  • Interactive application included
  • iPad control
  • iPad included
Iris 75 outside showing the visibility of it's high luminosity holograms
Iris side view on white background

Tailor-made project management

A typical project will require to :

  • choose the display device
  • choose the content
  • design in 3D or digitalize existing objects geometry
  • render images and transform them for your device
  • workout user interfaces and interactions
  • Install and deploy the solution

Holusion can help you with all of those steps, and further into any use you might have of our products

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View over Roubaix from Plaine Images' 2nd floor balcony on a sunny day in Tourcoing

Made in France

Holusion is working from North of France, in Tourcoing. Our network of partnerships allow us to provide services to many other areas.

We're a "French Tech" startup since the label's creation

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Customized support

We provide flexible support services for your projects. Thanks to our open source system, you can make your own content without artificial limits or let us manage your project entirely from start to delivery

Checkout our dedicated tutorials
Project Analysis
Modelling and rendering
administration of Holusion products

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