l'iris 22 d'Holusion en configuration horizontale présentant un hologramme

Digital user experience creator

Specialist in custom digital signage, holusion provides a wide range of products. From small smartphone goodies to 2m wide transportable displays. We sell and rent our products all over europe.

Impress your audience

Hologram At Rouen (France)

Make a lasting impression with images of exceptional quality. Early adopters of UltraHD screens or other new display technologies, we can share our knowledge and experience to provide you with the best reliable experience.

Our packaged solutions will provide unsurpassed immersion and customer engagement for your business cases.

To display models, as a scientific or cultural mediation tool, as an interactive showcase. Our products are designed and made in France and can be used in a wide variety of cases.

An augmented display

sketch of an holographic device iris 75
sketch of a building used as hologram sketch of a statue used as an hologram sketch of a marketing ad used as an hologram Sketch of an historical stronghold used as an hologram
sketch of a plant sketch of a young person looking at an holographic display sketch of an audience looking at an holographic display sketch of a tablet interacting with an hologram via the content.holusion.com service sketch of some of holusion's products picture of a design session at holusion

Create a new dimension

The trend is to all things digital.

Pictures, 3D models, reconstructions, simulations... making digital content is at the heart of what we do.

We are using modern modeling and digitization tools to study, communicate and report.

Those data are precious. They deserve to be widely shared and properly highlighted.

Holograms are an opportunity to create innovative and attractive physical supports for these contents.

Showcase your buildings and BIM files

Ultra high quality and bright models

With the general availability of BIM models, it has never been so easy to present your models as holograms.

The hologram is an attractive pick to present your models or projects in an imaginative way

In your showrooms or at a tradeshow, we have innovative solutions for each of those cases

We use a performant graphic engine to create photorealistic pictures reproducing the choice of materials and architectural ambition.

Enhance your heritage

A fun and innovative way to do science and culture

Using an hologram attracts new audiences and modernizes museums and cultural places.

Holusion offers solutions that enhance your collections while creating new experiences for visitors.

Reconstitutions, presentation of spare parts, mediation : use the hologram's strengths to enrich your visitor's journey and highlight the research and conservation work of your teams.

Seduce your clients

Showcase your products and solutions.

Use an hologram to broadcast a message in 3D, show yourself in tele-presence or preview a new product.

In shops or at tradeshows, holograms are a good fit to strengthen your presentation and make an impression over your audience.

One solution for an infinity of contents

tablet with the Holusion Companion application

Holusion Companion is a dedicated application to transform your project

Bring unprecedented depth to your project by giving control to your users.

  • Take control over the hologram from a mobile application
  • Create new interactiove scenarios without any code from your browser
  • Manage up to hours of contents on as many products as you like
  • With 4G or 5G connectivity, enjoy always up-to-date contents on your devices

A range suited to all your needs

Made in France and designed by Holusion

From mobile and clever showcases to scenic devices up to a few meters. We offer holographic solutions for sale or rental.

Our unique know-how in the manufacture of holograms is at your service to best adjust to your constraints.

Designed, made and put together in France, our products are of guaranteed quality for european standards.

Each project is unique

Discover our pricings

product icon

Our best solutions to display your 3D models in holograms.

Rent it, just for the show, or buy it to bring it home.

Made in France.

picture of an holographic device Iris 22

Iris 22


2 000 €

prefer to rent ?

500 €

3 days renting

picture of an holographic device Iris 32

Iris 32


4 500 €

prefer to rent ?

1 750 €

3 days renting

picture of an holographic device Iris 46

Iris 46


6 500 €

prefer to rent ?

2 250 €

3 days renting

picture of an holographic device Iris 75

Iris 75


23 000 €

prefer to rent ?

4 950 €

3 days renting

Our 3D models

icone maquette

Convert your BIM 3D models into holographic animations. It's our specialty..

Calculate by yourselves the cost of your content for projects under 10.000sqm


The bare necessity for exploration

Included :

  • Dynamic orbital view
  • Required data format: .ifc / .fbx / .obj / .3ds

950 €

per model


An improved visualization

Included :

  • All of "Explore"
  • Dynamic transitions
  • Realistic renders

1700 €

per model


Upgrade your 3D simulation

Included :

  • All of "Improve"
  • Advanced screenwriting
  • Motion design
  • Dedicated art management
  • Rooms and flats in cutaway view
  • Ultra-HD rendering

3750 €

per model

Our administration tools

icone gestion

Control your hologram by yourself. Easy and stress free.

Thanks to our cloud solutions, enjoy remote control and an iPad application for interactive holograms.

Interactivity, reliability and easy updates.


Single model

Autonomous offline management of your products.



Stand-alone App

Included :

  • Online remote administration
  • 10Go cloud storage
  • 1 to 4 displays in local management
  • iPad control

1500€ w/o VAT

company wide licence


Recuring needs

Included :

  • Online remote administration
  • 100Go cloud storage included
  • Up to 100 holographics displays in remote management
  • Interactive application included
  • Ipad control
  • iPad included

125€ w/o VAT/month

12 months commitment

Come meet us

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