Privacy policy

Holusion is commited to personnal data protection, and attempting to conform to european law (GDPR).

This is a translation of the original privacy page. Please always refer to the original for validation.

This pages aims to inform you of your rights and our obligations concerning your data.

While we try our best to handle your data as legally required, feel free to point us to any shortcommings in our policies, or ask for further clarification in the contact form below.

Collected data

Holusion is colleciton anonymous visit statistics on and any sub-domains. We are using third party cookies to do so.

Statistics might be :

This data is kept securely for a maximum duration of 26 month.

Web purchases

When you purchase something from us on the web, We will ask for some personnal data, required for this sale to happen in good conditions : name, address, phone number, mail…

This data is stored securely and will not be used in further processing.

Anonymous purchase data might be processed to build statistics about our sales performances.

Additionally, our payment gateway is legally required to store some data for fraud prevention mechanisms.

Your rights

You have a right ask for access, modification or deletion of any personnal data we collected. Demands must be sent to holusion, 111 av Jean Lebas - 59100 Roubaix FRANCE of by mail in our contact form.