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Below you will find some articles we wrote with our customers, each from a very different background. Discover all the possibillities offered by the holographic devices provided by Holusion.

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The holographic Webb Ellis Cup

The holographic Webb Ellis Cup

Interactive hologram for biomedical applications

Interactive hologram for biomedical applications

The future is here with holographic technology

What can we expect from its future uses ?

Holographic tools for cultural mediation

Holographic installation in the lace and fashion museum of Calais

Retinal persistence, the secret of holographic fans

Functioning of holographic fans

BIM en temps réel

An application


Interactive holograms for your exhibitions

Pierre de Seine - holographic maquette

Holographic showroom presentation

Opel - Claro automobiles

The new Mokka as an hologram

Klick500 : Innovation and holograms

An holographic display for product presentation

Alençon : a modern tale...

The story of Alencon now unveiled to the public

TOP5 of the best hologram uses

The best uses for holographic displays