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Tailor-made solutions

Our experience in holographic displays allows us to offer proven, reliable and quality interactive solutions.

Get a hold on your hologram

Have the opportunity to take control of your hologram, to manage it in real-time. Whether it is via a tablet, a controller or a button, find the solution that is best suited to you to control your animation. Display of 3D object libraries in a museum, revelation button for an inauguration, or taking control of a building for an institutional presentation, choose the way to interact with your product that suits you best.

Bouton d'interaction lors d'une inauguration de projet immobilier

The revelation button

Combining surprise and scenography, the revelation button allows you to reveal your hologram to an audience gathered for the occasion.

Thanks to our API, connect your hologram to any device you like ! Buttons, Arduino, sensors, keyboard, choose the device you like the most !

Reveal your latest news and inaugure your real estate projects.

Dispositif de médiation Holomouseio

Holomouseio, holographic museum

The Holomouseio device allows you to expose your libraries of 3D objects in holograms. A tablet is linked to the hologram and allows the visitor to choose the object presented. Information integrated into the tablet can complete the hologram, provide additional resources and illustrations.

Designed with research teams and museums, it is a mediation and sharing tool designed to promote heritage and culture. As part of digitisation work, Holomouseio makes it possible to present digitised documents and associated research or conservation work to the public.

Choose the Holomouseio device and enhance your collections.

Dispositif de médiation Ca Tisse Factory à Roubaix

An holographic table

The Ca Tisse Factory is a mobile interactive device based on the Manufcature de Roubaix. A table with a map of the city of Roubaix is completed by tactile metal inserts representing the city's notable industrial sites. A simple touch with the finger triggers audio-visual content in holograms, presenting the architecture of the site and explaining the city's industrial history.

Fully customizable and based on Open Source technologies, imagine your custom holographic furniture to integrate into your museum, showroom or building hall.

Real sized interview holographic device

An holographic interview

Have our device perform an interview in holograms. Once the person has been filmed to be integrated into an Iris 75, visitors can ask them the questions previously recorded on a table. Thus, the hologram responds directly via the sound system to users. Interaction modules and language recognition can make the experience even more striking.

Duplicate a person so that they answer questions from visitors.