Hologram at Rouen

Tailor-made solutions

Take over your hologram using a tablet, a gamepad, a keyboard or custom buttons. Find the best way to tell your story.

Thanks to our content management solution, create an interactive application from your browser without any code

Get a hold on your hologram

sketch showing how the content management system interacts with the Companion App on a tablet and the content on your hologram

Holusion Companion

Manage your hologram with real-time interactions. Get the Holusion Companion app for free on your iPad

Upload and edit content from your browser on Holusion Content Manager

Holusion Companion install guide

Get the app for your iPad

Holusion content manager user manual

Create content and stories from your browser

The revelation button

Interaction button in a real estate project inauguration

Combining surprise and scenography, the revelation button allows you to reveal your hologram to an audience gathered for the occasion.

Thanks to our API, connect your hologram to any device you like ! Buttons, Arduino, sensors, keyboard, choose the device you like the most !

Reveal your latest news and inaugure your real estate projects.

Solutions for every need

Our experience in holographic device allow us to provide a wide variety of solutions to your specific needs. Let us find with you the best interactions one can create with your holographic solutions or multimedia deployments

Because each project is unique, our team can evaluate your requirements and propose solutions that will provide the best end-user experience.