Hologram At Rouen

Tailor-made solutions

You can take control of your hologram, control it and choose what you want to display. A tablet, a controller or a button, find the solution that suits you best to control your animation.

Our content management interfaces will allow you to modify your applications without code directly from your browser.

Take control

A wall-mounted screen synchronized with a tactile table showing an interactive topographic map

Holusion Content Management

Out content management interface allows you to create and modify your applications without code.

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Developed for several years with the universities of Lille and Liège; eCorpus is the state-of-the-art solution for viewing 3D models on the web.

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Used alone or in addition to a hologram, our screens and tactile tables allow users to explore the content offered autonomously.

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Fabrications sur mesure

Custom fits, displays and lighting are all scenographic assets that are essential to a successful experience.

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sketch showing the interaction between the holusion content manager application on a pc screen, the Holusion companion application on Ipad and the hologram displayed on the screen.

Holusion Companion

Control your hologram with the Holusion Companion app ; freely available on your Ipad

Connect your Ipad to your hologram and control it remotely. Choose the content you want to display, the animations you want to play and the interactivity you want to offer.

Create endless content. Edit your pages live in your browser with Holusion content manager.

Holusion Companion Install Guide

Holusion content manager User Manual

photogrammetry of the pied de croix from st Bertin Abbaye


Benefit from a custom integration of the most comprehensive 3D viewer on the market.

Developed by Holusion as part of the eThesaurus research consortium, eCorpus is integrated into our products in multiple ways.

Enter the augmented models era

With a tactile screen

Improve your hologram with a remote tactile screen, allowing users to explore autonomously the 3D scenes

Your hologram directly uses the mediation scenarios configured on eCorpus to offer a deeply immersive experience.

On a tactile table

Integrate eCorpus on a tactile table, with or without an additional remote screen for a complete and intuitive viewing experience

Get big with 46" to 65" touch tables.

Interactive applications

Using our expertise for more than 10 years in the creation of interactive applications, we offer turnkey solutions for your projects.

Whether it is for a virtual tour application, a product presentation application or a game application, we accompany you from the writing of the specifications to the integration on site.

Our content management solutions will allow you to keep your application up to date and easily update it.

Switches and interfaces

Activation switch for the inauguration of a construction site

Our switches and interfaces allow you to control your hologram in a simple and intuitive way.

Combining surprise and scenography, the reveal button allows you to reveal your hologram in front of an audience gathered for the occasion.

From our API, connect your holograms to anything you can imagine. Sensors, buttons, keyboards, Arduino, controllers, choose your favorite interface!

Reveal your latest news and inaugurate your real estate projects.

Conception et fabrication

Our experience in displays allows us to accompany you in finding the best way to interact with your product.

Our network of local manufacturers allows us to manufacture custom accessories on demand. We manufacture custom wood, metal or plastic covers, as well as custom electronic circuits to create ambient lighting, lighted logos or visual indicators.

We also offer custom-made furniture, from the design to the installation on site.

closeup of a tactile table designed and made by Holusion