Inauguration of the ShAke building

An holographic unveiling

New flagship real estate project for the city of Lille, the ShAKe, will be the next headquarter of the Caisse d'Epargne Hauts-de-France banking group.

ShAKe is revolutionizing the way of thinking about commercial real estate by relying on three major societal trends: the decompartmentalization between private and professional life, the transition to a logic of use and sharing and the development of the notion of community.

  • Promoter : NACARAT
  • Investor : Caisse d'Epargne Hauts-de-France
  • Architect : PCA-STREAM
Hologram on Iris 75 during the inauguration

Formalize the start of the construction

How to present the full ambition of a project when the work is just beginning?

While the project is still in its infancy and more than a year of work separates it from its delivery, the laying of the foundation stone formalizes the place that the building will soon occupy in the urban landscape. This is a key date in the building's life cycle and underlines the commitment of the various project stakeholders: politicians, investors, builders, customers...

The hologram, based on the building's BIM sources, is then able to present not only the external architecture but also its networks, technical characteristics and programmatic mix. From these sources, we were able to give an aesthetic and functional vision of the building.

The Iris 75, generator of large Ultra HD holograms, allowed on June the 27th 2019 a detailed presentation of the ShAke in optimal condition.

In a large tent very exposed to light, the 4 guest stars of the project jointly pressed a trigger button to unveil the hologram model to the public. 200 people were present to benefit from this experience. plop

More about this project in videos

iris75 hologram on stand

A holographic revealing

The surprise effect is brought by a touch of interactivity ! The material to make this revelation possible is as follows:

  • An Iris 75, for a hologram of exceptional quality.
  • A control buzzer (started thanks to our API), for the surprise.
  • A tailor-made casing to fit in with the event as well as possible.

When the four guests pressed the button, the holographic model of the ShAke was activated, in front of the entire audience!

crowd recording an hologram

This is done in 3 steps:

1 - BIM data recovery

2 - Script writing

3- Holographic rendering

More information on this solution: Presenting a building model in the form of holograms

1 - BIM data

Compatible avec tous les logiciels professionels

Manage a database of 3D files integrating all the elements of the building

High quality architectural rendering

2 - Script writing

To make the most of the available information

Emphasis on the programmatic mix, technical networks, everything that makes a real estate project truly unique

High quality architectural rendering

3 - High quality architectural rendering

Ultra high quality and bright images

Use of a powerful and open source graphic engine for the creation of photo-realistic images that best highlight material choices and architectural ambition.

High quality architectural rendering


We asked Holusion to highlight our Shake project through a hologram, on the occasion of the laying of the foundation stone of the project.
Holusion's teams were perfectly able to listen and integrate our intentions into the design of the hologram. The product presented at the event had a very positive effect because of its originality and aesthetics!

Rémi Foulon, Deputy Program Director at Nacarat
location of the event