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Our expertise

Holusion is a french Startup, based in northern France, Lille. We design, manufacture and provide innovate display solutions based on holographic technologies. This optical illusion named Pepper's Ghost is the result of the reflection of an image trhough a semi-transparent mirror.

Our devices give you the impression of a free floating object. The holograms are in motion, colorful and true to the real aspect of the object.

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Standard and custom made

Wish to have a special project or to know how to integrate an hologram is your exhibition?

We have the know-how to create a wide range of standard products fitting most of the current needs. But we are also able to design you the right display for your life-sized hologram.

Real-time interactive holograms

We aren't only a hardware provider, we also develop everyday new content and application running on our products.

This smart and playful animations are used in education, marketing, product presentation and even highlighting cultural heritage.

Industry and guidance

Holusion stands for an industrial vision of our technology. We have the goal to make holographic display more accessible and enjoyable by everyone.

We provide an end-to-end support to our clients in order to strive to a flawless experience.

Our story

Plaine Images

2014: Creation

Holusion story start the 6th or May 2014. Its co-founders Thibault Guillaumont and Sebastien Dumetz, both gratued from engineering schools, lead the company since its foundation. The Plaine Images cluster offers a nice starting ground for product development and business opportunities.

2016: French Tech

In northern France, local authorities helps develop new startups and innovative technologies. This dynamic ecosystem is branded “Lille is French Tech” in order to bring together the most promising innovators in the region.

2018 : BIM & Museums

Holusion successively launchs two business solutions. The holographic museum, Holomouseio for cultural heritage, scientific and education projects, and XXL holographic models for the real-estate with the Iris75

2020: International development

New holographic projects keep on arriving in France with new museums and companies, but we also start to provide holographic display and content abroad. Our products are exported to neighbouring countries as we build new international partnership such as Genoa University for architecture or Liege University for cultural heritage digitization.

Our values

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Supporting local digital excellence

We are proud to provide a Made In France holographic solution. Our suppliers are mostly local actors and we take care directly of the product assembly and preparation in our workshop. This short supply chain allows us to be reactive and adaptative to our customer needs.

icone heritage

Promote scientific and cultural heritage

As a partner of Museomix and other academic projects, we are part of a community of scientific and cultural enthusiasts striving for a more open and interactive museum. We help events and projects in this area.

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Open sourced philosophy

Holusion is commited to the free or open-source software devlopement . We participate to the constant improvement of the software we use and create new tools available for the community. We promote this free software mindest to our coworkers and stakeholders.

We believe that free software access for companies and individuals must be maintained. Every project respect this fundamental freedom for users.

A platform regrouping our technical ressources give you all you need for holographic content creation.

Imaginarium Plaine Images

About Holusion

It's a better way to look at thing, because now, it's 3D, instead of just 2D

Tek Syndicate, VivaTech 2016

Eveyone can create and develop new application for a wide range of use cases

Plaine Images Cluster

A reference for holograms and 3D content

La Voix du Nord

The team


If you wish to discover new digital signage technologies and work for cultural heritage projects

Contact us at contact@holusion.com

Our partners

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