Holomouseio museum with holograms

An holographic Museum : The Holomouseio Project

Thanks to a partnership with the Lille's University, Holusion developed a new way to visit museum.

This project named "Holomouseio", from μουσείο / mouseio, museum in greek, grant to the public the opportunity to discover in holograms the hidden treasures of the University.

This interactive showcase contains digitalized artworks and artefacts from the departments of archeology, paleontology, art and old scientific instruments.

Unobtainable, invisible or unavailable objects are now within reach for anyone.

Video of the project (French)

An Iris32, an iPad tablet and custom made furniture

Travel through digital collections

Holomouseio allows you to discover a collection of objects in an holographic way. The visitor can browse the collection thanks to an interactive tablet. Three themes are developed here :

"The funeral and religious world of Ancient Egypt" promotes the collection of the Institute of Papyrology and Egyptology of the University of Lille.

"Walking through the Carboniferous forest of Northern France" highlights the paleobotany collection of the University of Lille.

E.Thesaurus "Silverware at the test of numerical modelling" allows you to discover an unique medieval piece, the foot of the Cross of the Abbey of Saint Bertin.

The device is on display at the Espace Culture of the University of Lille (Campus Cité Scientifique) from 16 January to 14 February and will be visible from 25 February to 14 March at the Bibliothèque des Sciences et de l'Antiquité (Campus Pont de Bois sur Lille), from the 18 to 27 March 2019 at the Catholic Institute of Lille and from 1 to 18 April in Lilliad, Learning Center innovation (Campus Cité Scientifique sur Lille).

Digitisation laboratory of the University of Lille

How to create an holographic museum ?

Holomouseio is made of three parts :

  • An Iris 32
  • A tablet for controlling the holograms
  • A piece of furniture specially designed to use the device ergonomically

Holomouseio allows to transform a database of digitized objects into a virtual exhibition around these holograms.

Holomouseio hologram in museum

Your holographic showcase in three steps

1 - Digitization

Manage a database of digitized objects in many possible formats: 360° photo, photogrammetry, scanner, etc.

2 -Customization

Write the description of your objects, organize the collections into sub-categories and create an unique itinerary for visitors

3- Content management and maintenance

Add or modify collections independently. Take advantage of a SAS mode to update your holographic museum as you digitize and update your exhibition.

More information on this solution : Using holograms for museums


Holomouseio was created in 2019 with the support of :

University of Lille

  • Direction culture : Sophie Braun, Scientific Heritage Officer,
  • Direction pedagogical innovation, Photo3D: Bernard Mikolajczyk, Multimedia engineer, Bernard Deleplanque,Multimedia engineer
  • Egyptology, UMR 8164 HALMA: Didier Devauchelle, Professor, Ghislaine Widmer, Professor, Thomas Gamelin, Egyptologist
  • IRHis Laboratory: Marc Gil
  • CNRS : Unité Evo-Eco-Paléo (EEP) : Jessie Cuvelier

Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille

  • Fleur Morfoisse, Egyptologist, Chief Curator, Antiques / Decorative Arts
  • Karine Dautel, Conservation Assistant for the Antiquities / Decorative Arts / Middle Ages - Renaissance collections
  • Philippe Nys, Museographic agent

ComUE Lille Nord de France

  • Antoine Matrion, Scientific Heritage Officer


  • Thibault Guillaumont, Co-founder
  • Yann Dubois, IT and technical project manager

This system is being developed by the University of Lille and Holusion as part of the 2017-2018 regional AAP project, « Applications et dispositifs numériques culturels innovants », led by the DRAC Hauts-de-France. With the support of the Ministry of Culture, DRAC Hauts-de-France and the ComUE Lille Nord de France ; and the participation of the CNRS, the City of Lille and the Historic Mining Centre of Lewarde.

Holomoseio hologram for museum with interactivity