Opel - Claro automobiles

Mokka or Mokka-e?

To introduce their new models, the Mokka and Mokka-e, six OPEL dealerships have invested in an interactive XXL holographic display for its promotion.

The visitors have the opportunity to discover the new vehicles even before you could see them in the showroom.

Using an hologram in this situation is still unusal. The technology is now opening a lot of marketing opportunities for car dealerships. It is a powerful tool for a detailed presentation in a very innovative and futuristic way.

Special offers on this kind of installation allows for attractive pricing to rent the material.

Dream big

The german car constructor Opel is preparing a double release for the beginning of 2021. The new Mokka and Mokka-e. They are the new versions of the brand famous SUV. One is using a classic motorization and the other one is an all-electric vehicle.

To keep the enthusiasts waiting, the Opel dealerships of the Dubreuil Group offer a special experience to discover them in preview: Discover the new vehicle as a large-scale hologram !

Interactive and enhanced by an arranged space, the hologram creates the often sought-after "Wahou effect" !

Six Opel car dealership equiped at the same time:

Available until the release of the exhibited models, this action is ephemeral and will only be visible until March 2021 in France:

XXL hologram in France

Offering immersion thanks to digital technology

The project was born thanks to the collaboration of the teams of Claro Automobiles, Holusion and the company specialised in the creation of 3D applications Gustav by Cocktail. A collective work that led to the realisation of this ambitious project in order to present the Mokka and Mokka-e models to perfection.

The hologram is a model named Iris75, Holusion's Made in France holographic display, which has the best performance in our range of product with ultra-high luminosity and 4k resolution.

The hologram shows their exterior aesthetics but also the points of interest of the models such as motorisation, innovations in equipment and the performance of electrical technologies.

Hologram control by tablet application, a plus for the Dubreuil group

Application holusion for Claro Automobiles for the new Opel Mokka and Mokka-e

An automatically generated tablet application

The iPad App to control the hologram is the product of our platform content.holusion.com which allow to create tailor-maid application to control Holusion holographic display, whitout even having to write a single line of code.

Additional options, such as a 4G connection, allow you to retrieve customer data and potential leads.

This application generator, available in the form of a subscription (SaaS) makes it possible to transform any iPad into a remote control for a hologram Holusion in a totally secure way.

A collection of pre-existing templates, free integration of your graphic assets and the ability to intuitively create links between your content. These three strong points of this service offer you the possibility to tell the stories of your choice through the holographic medium.

The hologram of the new opel Mokka