Inauguration of the new siege of Kiabi by Etixia

A inaugurative hologram

New big real estate project of the city of Lezennes, the new headquarters of Kiabi announced the beginning of its construction with great fanfare.

These headquarters are being developed within a new green initiative that aims to advance the city of Lezennes. This center will host multiple green areas which will serve to transform the urban space.

Brought by Etixia, this project will host, in addition to a store, a daycare, multiple company restaurants and numerous solutions for green traveling.

Officialisation of construction

Hologramme à l'inauguration d'Etixia.

The laying of the foundation stone is an important element in the construction of a building like this one.

While the project is still in its beginnings and a few years separate it from its delivery, the laying of the foundation stone serves as a key date for the manufacture of this complex.

The hologram serves an enhancing role to present, by basing itself on the work of the architect, all the specificity of this complex that aims to be much more than an office space.

The Iris 75, with its Ultra HD projection, allows to show all the details of this creation and in optimal condition.

The unveiling in hologram

Hologramme d'Etixia au SIEC et deux homes qui parlent devant.

The hologram was revealed to the public with the use of a buzzer. All the people present were able to discover the future building in all its aspects.

The Iris 75, with this flair of interactivity managed to promote efficiently this new piece of the Lezennois urbanism.

The holographic terminal was also controlled by an application that could show the specificity of the building and also some future projects.

The hologram was then exhibited in the SIEC salon on the Etixia stand to continue to show this new piece in the history of Kiabi with an updated version of the presentation that was shown during the ceremony.