Villa Perrusson, a renewal in hologram

The outside of the villa Perrusson on a sunny day

The Villa Perrusson, a piece of history in Saône-et-Loire

Located in Ecuisses in Saône-et-Loire, the villa Perrusson is an emblematic historical site in the Bourgogne Franche Comté region. This former bourgeois residence was built between 1869 and the 1890s by the Perrusson family, owners of the Ecuisses ceramic factory. Today owned by the Creusot Montceau urban community since 2008, the villa's exterior has been restored with a focus on preserving this exceptional site.

Picture of the hologram display presenting a part of the villa Perrusson inside the villa

Presentation of the numerisation of hologram

To continue showcasing this heritage and offer visitors a new way to discover the history of Villa Perrusson, Holusion was solicited to create a hologram of the building. After a photogrammetry scan using drones, a high-quality 3D model was obtained. The model's details were then reworked to improve the quality and enable an optimal holographic experience.

The hologram also allowed for the presentation of the villa throughout the ages. Using photos and plans of the building from different time periods, it was possible to recreate older versions of the building. The hologram of the villa is presented on an Iris 46 holographic display, which offers an immersive and interactive experience for visitors who can choose which part of the villa they want to explore on the holographic screen.

The holographic display in action

A person presenting the villa next to the display

Thanks to the interactive application, visitors can focus on the restoration details and specificities of the original building. The hologram allows discovering the villa in a new light, highlighting the architectural and historical aspects of this emblematic site.

The hologram of Villa Perrusson was unveiled to the public on April 2, 2023, during an opening ceremony aimed at presenting the new elements integrated into the villa, of which the holographic presentation is a part. The installation of this holographic kiosk has provided a new dimension to the visit of this historical site. Holusion has thus participated in the history of this monument, offering an innovative and creative presentation through holographic technology.