22" opaque background

22" opaque background: Movable opaque background for Iris 22

Movable opaque background for Iris 22

With this tailor-made opaque background, you both give more depth to your hologram and hide disturbing stuff that might be behind your holographic showcase.

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  • weight : 250g
30€ex. VAT (36.0€w. VAT)

Opaque and movable

You can use this black background to hide things that could disturb your holographic display, behind your Iris 22. It is completely opaque and it will make your hologram even more visible. It is the perfect object to give more depth to your hologram and to make it shine even brighter.

How to use it ?

You just have to insert it from the side of your Iris 22 and to set it up on the back of the device. The magnetic strips will keep it in the right position and your hologram will be even more attractive !

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