Opal: Holographic showcase for 10" to 13" tablets

Holographic showcase for 10" to 13" tablets

Thanks to the Opal, your tablet becomes a true hologram projector ! It is the perfect display tool if you want to arouse your customer’s interest in stores or on exhibitions. It is available in horizontal and vertical versions so the Opal suits any setup !


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Composition and functioning

This small holographic showcase is made of a black metallic structure and of an angled glass pane. The top of the structure is opened so that you can place your tablet protected by an antitheft device in it.

You can discover a hologram playlist specially designed for you on pixel.holusion.com. Everything goes through your internet browser so the Opal is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and you don’t need to install any app.

Pepper's ghost illusion

The hologram exists because of the Pepper's ghost optical illusion. Your tablet, at the top of the structure projects an animated picture downward, directly on the angled glass pane. It creates the illusion of a 3D picture that levitates, thanks to the optical illusion.

Mapping holographique sur le personnage Marcus du jeu Ubisoft dans l'Opal vertical

Create your own hologram playlist

By signing in to pixel.holusion.com, you can create your own hologram playlist with original designs that you can realise with your own images, videos or 3D animations. If you place something behind the glass pane, you can realise a video mapping. Thanks to this, you can create special effects around your objects, like figurines for instance. Thereby, you create a story around them or you only provide the public with key information (price, origin, history, explanations…)

Two designs, two experiences

The Opal is available in both horizontal and vertical versions (Opal H and Opal V). Hence, you can choose the design that suits your setup the best. Both designs weigh only 3kg so you can transport it very easily which is ideal if you have to move to other points of sale or other exhibitions.

Opal video presentation

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