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Pixel +: plastic-protected highly durable holographic pyramid to use with a smartphone

Pixel +

  • Accessory for : smartphones
  • Availability : in stock
  • Weight : 140g
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  • Shipped in a custom box
  • Shipped from the Holusion headquarters in Lille, France

What's next ?
You can go to pixel.holusion.com to see our 3D holograms playlist, made specially for you and your surroundings. Minions, birds, or cars : you can find the hologram that will have the best impact on your surroundings.

Custom :
It is possible to create your own holograms up from images, videos or 3D animations. We are also providing the personnalization of the Pixel +. A good way to enforce your brand image among your clients and collaborators. Contact us. to know more.

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