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Pixel +: Holographic pyramid for smartphone in a nice structure

Holographic pyramid for smartphone in a nice structure

The Pixel+ is a small holographic pyramid in a nice black structure. It is specially designed for 4” to 6” smartphones. With this holographic device, you can display small holograms, visible over 360° thanks to an optical illusion which gives the impression that a 3D picture is floating just above your smartphone.

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  • weight : 50g
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Composition and functioning

un Pixel-Plus affichant un dodo

The Pixel+ is a normal Pixel that we have placed in a nice structure made of black plastic. If you put the structure on your smartphone and if you visit pixel.holusion.com you will discover a playlist of 3D pictures that we have created for you. Then you just have to place your smartphone with the structure at eye level and look at the hologram floating in the pyramid.

The hologram exists because of Pepper's ghost optical illusion. Your smartphone, under the Pixel+ structure, projects upward, four pictures that are identical but independent: one on each face of the pyramid. It creates the illusion of a 3D picture that levitates in the structure, thanks to the optical illusion.

This pocket hologram can be transported everywhere and it is perfect to entertain your relatives or to present new stuff to your customers and colleagues, in an innovative way, simply using your smartphone.

Customise your pyramids

If you order 100 or more Pixel, you will have the opportunity to customise your pyramids and their envelopes so that they suit your brand colours. By doing so, you will have the possibility to place your customised pyramids in the Pixel+ structure for a better holographic display that suits your brand image.

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Create your own hologram playlist

By signing in to pixel.holusion.com, you can create your own hologram playlist with original designs that you can realise with your own images, videos or 3D animations. You do not need to install any app, everything is on your internet browser. This way, the Pixel is entirely compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Pixel and Pixel+ video presentation

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