Wifi router

Wifi router: 300Mbps WIFI router

300Mbps WIFI router

This small router will allow you to easily connect to any of your products using wireless connectivity. Powered by a micro-USB port, you can plug it directly into your product’s back panel.

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  • weight : 100g
25€ex. VAT (30.0€w. VAT)

Easily connected

This router is very small and you can transport it everywhere so that you can connect to your holographic devices at every moment and access to your interface whenever you want.

To connect the router to your showcase, you just have to follow the procedure and then you will be able to transfer your contents to your device.


  • Standard: Wi-Fi 4 IEEE 802.11n/b/g 2.4 GHz
  • Speed: 300 Mbps (theoretical)
  • Size: 57 × 57 ×18 mm

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