32" Stand

32" Stand: Painted aluminium stand for an Iris 32

Painted aluminium stand for an Iris 32

Aluminium stand with a sanded black finish ⌀75mm rubber casters included

  • Availability : in stock
  • Weight : 3kg
700€ ex. VAT (840.0€w. VAT)

Iris 22 Stand

Complement your Iris 32" with this stand to always have it at eyes level. This stand has been created to offer the best height compromise for little and tall users.

Bring it everywhere

This stand can be dismounted into 4 panels that will easily fit any vehicle.

You can also carry it in one piece, using its caster wheels for an instant set-up.

It is easily handled by just one person thanks to its lightweight aluminium design.


  • 4 rigid frames, for the stand's sides
  • 4 steel triangle plates, to rigidify the assembly
  • 4 braked swivel castor, to ease the product's handling

All necessary screws and tools provided


Follow the user manual. Then just put your Iris 32 on top

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