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One kit, three holograms, three experiences

The Pixel Kit is the first holographic bundle offering you an easy and funny approach of holograms. Thanks to an holographic playlist(, you can share the experience with your friends and see holograms like Frozen or Stars Wars for instance.

For your smartphone, you can use : the Pixel and the Pixel + (with its qualitative solid frame) and for tablets : the Pixel XL for even bigger holograms !

What is a Pixel?

The Pixel is a little pyramid displaying a 360° hologram. It fits in the pocket and you can bring it with you anywhere. This is the innovative goodie everyone would want to see

How does it work?

Every information are on the document, which is itself fold itself into a pyramid ! You can follow ou tutorial on Holusion Youtube Channel.

For businesses

The Pixel kit is also an original gift for your teams and customers ! One great experience to share around you. If you wish to display your logo or brand in holograms, it's possible. You can create your own content online to customize your experience.

Create them with a few clicks on

You can even improve your SEO by hosting the app on your own website :

also made by holusion...

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