Pixel XL

Pixel XL: Holographic pyramid to use with a tablet Ipad or Android, 10 inches and more

Pixel XL

  • Accessory for : tablets
  • Availability : in stock
  • Weight : 430g
24.0 w. VAT


Use the Pixel XL for tablets from 10 to 13".

Ready for use

Thanks to our Pixel webapp, no app to install, everything is available trough your favorite web browser. Go to pixel.holusion.com and enjoy a playlist of holographic content made for you

Customize your holograms

For a minimum of 100 pieces, your pixel can be customized with logo engraving directly on the pyramid. You can also create your own holograms from images, vidéos and 3D animations. The Pixel XL is a great marketing tool to seduce your customers and give more impact to yoru brand


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