Pixel kit

Pixel kit: The Pixel kit, pocket holograms for everyone

The Pixel kit, pocket holograms for everyone

This is the perfect kit to discover or make people discover the Pixel range: our pocket holograms, for smartphones or tablets. The kit contains 5 Pixel pyramids for smartphones and 1 Pixel XL pyramid for tablets.

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  • weight : 150g
29.0€ex. VAT (34.8€w. VAT)

An all included kit to discover holograms

This kit contains everything you need to test our range of pocket holograms. You will find:

  • 5 Pixel pyramids for smartphones
  • 1 Pixel XL pyramid for tablets

Ready to use

By signing in to pixel.holusion.com you will be able, on one hand, to discover a playlist of holograms that we have created specially for you and, on the other hand, you will have the opportunity to realise your own holograms with original designs based on your own images, videos or 3D animations. There is no need to install any app because everything goes through your Internet browser. The Pixel range is perfectly compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

These products are available without any visible brand. You can transport them everywhere. The Pixel range is perfect to entertain your relatives or to present new stuff to your customers and colleagues, in an innovative way, simply using your smartphone or tablet.

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