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Smartphone hologram

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Holographic goodies

To spice up your product presentations, this handlheld hologram is by your side in everyday life.

Put your smartphone beneath the Pixel pyramid, go to pixel.holusion.com and enjoy the magic.

Attractive, intriguing and innovative, this small hologram transports your clients in their imagination and values your brand image.

Now available : the hologram for tablets and the high end Pixel !

3 models, 3 experiences

Hologramme smartphone Pixel


The Pixel displays an hologram out of your smartphone. Compatible with every smartphone, bring it anywhere to impress your friends or your clients. Kiabi, PSA and Dentsu already used it to make their brand stand out, what about you ?

Order the Pixel now :

Pixel XL

As its name suggests, the Pixel XL displays an hologram out of your tablet. With a design similar to the Pixel, this bigger hologram attracts the attention in just a blink.

Order the Pixel XL now :

Hologramme Pixel XL
Assembly instructions >
Hologramme Pixel +

Pixel +

High-end version of the hologram for smartphones, the Pixel + reveals the image in a clean designed case. As transportable as the Pixel, it will impress those who cross its road.

Technical specifications


The hologram is 360 degrees viewable. You can see it from all angles.

Smartphone size

The pyramid can be put on different sizes of smartphones : 5,5 to 6,5 inches.

Your logo engraved

Personalize your Pixel pyramids by sticking or engraving your logo, distinctive sign or website address.

Fixing suckers

A sucker beneath the pyramid allows it to be fixed on the smartphone.

Custom blister packaging

The product is delivered in a custom blister packaging, in order to protect it.

Hosting your playlists

Here is why it is interesting to integrate your hologram in a custom playlist !

Custom playlist

Easily handle a hologram playlist thought for you : play, pause, repeat, next. Everything is possible.

Automatic editing

Import your videos on the interface. It will automaticly convert into an hologram.

Only your content

A custom hosting means 0 external ads and other contents that are not yours.

Personalized domain name

Make your brand stand out by creating your own domain name. Example : 2017greetings-apple.com

Good optimization

Improve your online visibility by adding the holographic expert dimension brought by Holusion.

On every smartphone

Android, iOS and Windows phones can display your hologram playlists.

Assemble and use my Pixel

Follow the tutorial to assemble your pyramid

Construction du Pixel

Start the playlist and discover the holograms

Playlist du Pixel

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  • packaging
    printed blister
  • lettering
    engraved pyramid

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