Hologramme At'Rouen

Smartphone hologram

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Recommended public price.
Mini pyramid for smartphones or touch pads, a really appreciate goodie.

Holographic goodies

To spice up your product presentations, this handlheld hologram is by your side in everyday life.

Put your smartphone beneath the Pixel pyramid, go to pixel.holusion.com and enjoy the magic.

Attractive, intriguing and innovative, this small hologram transports your clients in their imagination and values your brand image.

Now available : the hologram for tablets and the high end Pixel !

holusion's Pixel : a small pyramid for portable holograms

A playful experience

Transform your mobile devices into holographic displays. Works with Android or iOS.

Use this new digital technology to display you advertising on any size of tablets or smartphones

Pixel XL for iOS or Android tablets

Rightly sized

New customers can use our complete pack with :

  • 5 Pixel pyramids for smartphones
  • 1 Pixel XL pyramid for tablets

To allow you to experiment in complete freedom, it is offered without any visible brand, with direct buy from our online store.

A Pixel's content, branded for holusion's promotional use

Readily available

We can process orders from a few units to thousands of products

You can get a sample right now from our online store or get a demonstration kit without any mention of Holusion to help convince your future clients

Holograms for you

Create your tailor-made holographic show

Every product is a self-contained package with all you need to view an hologram without any external help. You can make a customized package, branded to your colors, with custom visuals.

the back of a pixel's standard packaging

Custom packaging

monochrome printing on each package

Front view of a pixel in it's original packaging

Customizable manuals

Using your colors of choice and any picture you need. With a direct link to your video content, whether it is hosted on our servers or elsewhere

A pixel's package content


All pyramids can be engraved with your logo to always remind users who offered them this device


Your holograms


In a few clicks, transform a standard video to an holographic show using our online service.


Optimize your communication with this dedicated platform, designed for speed and accessibility


Add or modify your content easily. Create more holograms as you please with our hands-on administration tools



total size
8(L) x 8(l) x 4(h) cm


supported inputs


printed blister

engraved pyramid