Iris 22 stand

Iris 22 stand: Lacquered aluminium stand for Iris 22

Lacquered aluminium stand for Iris 22

This black metallic stand is the perfect solution to place your Iris 22 at eye level. Thus, you offer an optimal holographic display to your potential customers.

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  • weight : 4,5kg
600€ex. VAT (720.0€w. VAT)

Iris 22 stand

Enhance the holographic experience of your Iris 22 with this nice stand that will enable you to place it at eye level at every moment. This stand is 1,30m tall which is adapted to every kind of user. Thanks to the wheels provided with the stand, you can easily move it through your space.

Easily movable

You can pile the four metallic panes that form the stand and transport it easily with a car or a small utility vehicle.

It can also be transported when it is assembled, this way you can set it up in a few seconds. The aluminium composition of the stand makes it both light (only 4.5kg) and strong.


The stand is made of:

  • 4 rigid panes that make the edges of the stand
  • 4 steel connector boards to stiffen the base of the structure
  • 4 wheels to move it easily

Everything you need to set up the stand is provided (tools, screws...)


In order to set your Iris 22 up on its shelf, you only need to follow the instructions of the set up handbook and then, place your holographic showcase on its stand.

dimentions de la stèle pour Iris 22

Why do you need to place your Iris 22 that high ?

To have the better holographic experience, you need the eye of the observer to be right under the horizontal line formed by the screen, as it is depicted on this drawing.

sketch de la position de l'oeil par rapport à un écran d'Iris 22

Doing so, the observer can’t see the screen and the point of view is perfect to look at the hologram in optimal conditions. If you add an opaque background, the experience will be even more immersive and fascinating for the public.

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