Jewelry experience

An innovative image showed up in Dael & Grau, jewelry creator in Lille.The hologram was sublimating the jeweler's creations from his showcase to the counter inside the store.

This installation was specially set up for Christmas period.

Sublimate a product

Hologramme bague en vitrine Holusion

The hologram followed each shape, color and contrast of the jewelry it was showing. More than a simple product in the showcase, its quality and its 100 % reality dimension enhanced every creation. An upgrade stage on the store counter or outdoor glass offered a 360° view of jewelry and allowed a unique and innovative visualization of the creations the jeweler customised.

Compared to other exhibition models, holography is an effective and very simple way to stand out.

Rings collection digitization, in the form of 360° visualization was carried out quickly, thanks to the mobile photos studios latest solutions by our partners integrating an output on the Prism.

Boost sales

Logo Dael & Grau

Dael & Grau has especially used holograms to give a new dynamic to its jewelry and acquire a reputation. New player of augmented reality, the hologram was inside the store and showcase jewelry range.

The mission of this innovative display device was to replace the actual warehouse storage and avoid exposing all creations.

This new dynamic was felt in the customer's choice approach which could see the jewelry on this virtual catalog from a smartphone on a free application.

Bijoux en hologramme Holusion


The holographic display proved we can respect jewelry and luxury expectations with innovative and technological ways of communication. Dael & Grau was able to attract customers curiosity by a unique visualization experience.

The Prism is particularly suited to this situation and creates animation and curiosity in the store. The presentation tool allows the customers to wait when all sellers are already requested. Interactive features addition can also bring them the opportunity to directly hand and discover collections in autonomy.

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