Laval Virtual 2018

booth D8 Laval Virtual 2017

Giant hologram and interactivity in Laval Virtual 2018

From the 4th to 8th of April 2018 the Laval Virtual 2018 took place, the international meeting in France for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. 20th edition 300 exhibitors, 9000m² of experiences and high-tech innovations to try out.

Education and training is still leading the technologies, which is improving every year. In addition to even better visual display, hearing and touch completed the experience. Always more immersive!

Another innovation in VR with Virtual Room a collaborative escape room in Virtual Reality.

Interactive Prism

Beside all the solution using a HUD (Head's Up Display) or helmets, the Holusion holograms were also present, including our interactive Prism.

The Leap Motion and the NFC solution, two interactive way for Holusion products showed on the Laval and meeting a huge success. Almost as much as our giant hologram, with his Dodo, revived for the day. thanks tothe Plaine Image and to the Hauts-de-France Region for the organisation and help on our booth to showcase our region

Hologram for tablets
 Pixel, smartphone hologram Laval Virtual 2018
Laval virtual hologram

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