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Presentation de produit hologrammes 3D Holusion Focus

Holograms in the stores

The digital business is the opening of digital services directly in sales spaces. This is a growing sector, and it represents a major challenge for all the businesses facing the pure web competitors.

It offers a brand new shopping experience for the clients and expends the opportunities of the store. For the 2015 back to school period, we are providing a very unique experience with the Focus hologram or with innovative developments.

Holusion Focus et Prisme

A unique experience

The Holusion range extension and the presentation of products in holograms allows the clients to come to discover all the products of the store with an attractive interface.

The hologram brings a dimension of reality to the product and the applications can permit the whole buying process without getting away from the device. This solution gives all the options of the e-commerce with a more real experience and with the expertise present on the shop.

The first devices will be installed in the luxury stores and in the specialized sales areas.

Innovative Business

The interactivity of the hologram devices brings a touch of futurism to the client. He will have the power to custom his choices with no-contact sensors, to explore a whole catalogue with a connected tablet, or to discover the details of the products with interactive videos.

Hologram catalogue

Customizing the products


An efficient selling support

Thanks to a discret display, the seller can support his client in his purchasing choice and stays available in order to answer questions and help him in his choices.

This holographic display for selling support is available in a first demonstrator, winner of the New Shopping Experience 6.0 of Picomcontest. On this set of augmented selling for jewellery, the jeweler will be able to present all the details of his intended products. Tailor-made, realistic, intuitive, the hologram display comes to be added on the usual selling process, in order to enhance the impact.

By adding interactive tools (buttons, touch-sensitive surfaces, no-contact sensors, etc..), it can totally change the way of seeing the product : from an event tool, it becomes a way to manipulate differently the virtual objects and to appropriate the product.


Table de vente holographique en bijouterie

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