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A unique experience on the Museum Connections 2016

A partnership was built between Museum Connections, international fair for professionals museums and cultural series, and Holusion to welcome every visitor in a unique way. As soon as he arrives, the visitor faced two hologram projectors Prism. Inside, a familiar character stopped his eyes : twitter's Blue Bird in hologram.


It then invited him to tweet, to share his experience on the show. As soon as the visitor sent a message punctuated by #museumco, a holographic counter began to turn, thus counting the tweets that had just be sent. In the end, the holographic projectors have counted more than 2300 tweets #museumco during the two days of the show !

Make your social medias work

This new application can make your social medias work differently. The customer has no longer to look at the kind of screen he sees all day long but he faces a hologram.

This innovative tweetfeed has a simple goal : make your events more attractive. The hologram stops the eye of your visitors or guests. The interaction real-time dimension makes them want to share their experience on Twitter to contemplate change in hologram projector.

Your community becomes very active on your medias.

To the holographic socialwall

This first version of the application proposes a tweet counter, but can we go even further in this interactive experience ? In a close future, yes. The messages themselves will appear in real-time. The visitors will see their own tweets in hologram.

New display experience for the social networks

This application was carried out in collaboration with HOBBYNOTE.

It takes place in an interactive applications catalogue created to make holograms even more alive.

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