Holographic twin

Place Forte en hologramme

Innovation for speeches and presentations


Antoine and his holographic twin

Our partner and retailer, Antoine and his company "Place Forte" prepared a presentation in front of the BNP Paribas Bank in Pars. During this presentation, he was able to make a Q&A session with himself in holograms. In the Focus, his holographic dopplegänger replie in english to each questions.

The good recipe for holograms

In order to create this experience, we did record Antoine's every sentences in front of a black background. Then, we use an association, controlled by NFC, to start the videos. Timing and good preparation are very important for the sucess of the kind of presentation.

Tournage sur fond noir pour créer un hologramme humain

You want to appear in hologram with your smartphone?

Il vous suffit de suivre le tutorial for recording. You can do it with the Pixel!

Recording hologramme place Forte
4 faces Place Forte hologramme

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