Archeological hologram

The hologram at the History Museum of Marseille

Innovations invites itself in museums to give life to the exhibitions. Innovative displays create an imaginary around the works so we better understand their history.

The digitalization of museums opens new opportunities for the presentations of works and cultural heritage.


Exchange area and cultural crossroads through History, the Mediterranean perimeter offers a great archaeological richness from ancient world to modern period.

To promote its team's researchs, the University of Aix Marseille selected the hologram for a unique presentation at the JNA* of the History Museum of Marseille.

A new teaching method

The public could understand better the job of archaeologists on the sites and in their laboratories.

With the of MMSH*, Holusion put in place an animation mixing 3D printing, hologram andexperimentation :

Discovery of 3D reproductions of Mediterranean remains
Bac de fouille archéologie
Contactless recognition of these objects by the hologram display
Vestiges archeologie
Revelation in hologram of each object's history

Objet archéologique en hologramme Holusion Prism

A playful experience

The place took the form of a container of archaeological excavations led by the team from the University. Thanks to their experience, the visitor could put himself into the shoes of the archaeologist.

Through this manipulation, the visitor became a real player in its discovery. This day had a strong impact on the public, on young people as much as on attendants, who were glad to discover antic history and interact with animators. The enthusiasm of the younger demonstrated the qualities of the hologram as a cultural mediator.

Expérience ludique archéologie enfants Holusion

We worked in collaboration with EDIKOM

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