Holusion - Com en Or Day 2015

Holusion innovative hologram Prisme

Brand-new experience

Interactive hologram is revealed at the Com En Or Day on the March 24th, 2015. This event brought together agencies and schools specialized in communication, marketing and events, at the exhibition : Halls de la Filature, for its first edition, in this place. This day was a great success with a dynamic exhibition, workshops and an evening devoted to the award of the most innovative players in communication in the Region. For a innovative revelation of the candidates, the Holusion's hologram display Focus has been selected by the organisers as being an innovative solution for the announcement of the winners. The use of a contactless technology has been used to bind each trophy to a winner.

10 Trophies were delivered to companies for their work on the past year :

  • Communication Trophy : 3 awards
  • Event Trophy : 3 awards
  • Marketing Trophy : 3 awards
  • Jury Prize

Each of these trophies was presented to the winning company by the organizers of Com En Or. To identify them, a NFC tag was associated with the Holusion Focus, wich instantly displayed a video revealing the name of the winner in hologram.

Arranged on stage, the Focus helped communicating to a wide audience. Indeed, the hologram can sublimate any presentation, either institutional or event.

The holograms display also ensured a presence through the event with an animated version of Com en Or Day's logo.

Holographic Presence

The telepresence in hologram is also a relevant tool in the event framework to animate a seminar or a party.

On the occasion of the annual report of the ERDF and thanks to the recommendation of Syndrome OC teams, one of the speaker could appear in holograms in Focus to congratulate its teams and encourage them to grow more innovative solutions in their daily lives.

The revelation app was used by the moderator of the evening to improve the various interventions of the speaker thanks to an interactive contactless game.

Holusion Focus event

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