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Conférence hologramme dans les musées

"Land of Inspiration", territorial attractivity


Visiting a museum, a modern experience!

ALL (Autour du Louvre Lens, Around the Louvre-Lens Museum) is working on attracting new visitors to its location. Therefore using holograms as a way to modernise itself.

Tuesday October 3rd, at 7h15 AM, we were loading our truck with the Focus to go to the Louvre-Lens where the conference, "Land of inspiration", about the benefits in the region to have events around Museum took place.

Our purpose here was to show digitalization as a way to highlight the art pieces and bring new publics into the museums.

Our shared values

After the conference where Thibault Guillaumont, our founder, spoke, the visitors discovered the values of the region in the holographic display "Traditions and handicraft, nature around the old coal mines, heritage conservation".

Holograms are a great way to present the "Pays Noir" (Black Country, because of the predominance of coal industry) which is underestimated despite its richness and its traditions.

Thanks a lot to the Louvre Lens for their trust in us !

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