Laval Virtual 2016

Laval Virtual 2016


For the second time, Holusion has presented its innovative solutions on the biggest augmented reality show : the Laval Virtual. This 18th edition revealed even more new augmented and virtual reality products. That was the perfect opportunity for Holusion to present its new interactive uses.

Many visitors discovered the interactive holograms with the Prism and the Focus. They all have been invited to manipulate the displays devices.

Applications presented on the G1 booth.

Medical formation presented on the Laval Virtual 2016

The visitors have saw a medical course that was not so ordinary. By using a joystick, they could manipulate the hologram of a lumb and of a heart in real time. The application were developped by Brûle, and it has been well appreciated by the visitors, who became real actors of their discovery.

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Personalized support of Holusion

The Laval Virtual show were the opportunity for Holusion to present its personalized support. Indeed, Holusion is now providing to help you realize your very own project, it could be an innovative project or just a simple idea, we help you from beginning to end :

Audit of your need, collavorative brainstorming, prototype and tests of the products and implementation of the project.

Uncovering of the Laval Agglomeration logo

Laval Agglomeration has used the hologram to present its new logo in an innovative way. The famous King Ubu was revealing the logo as soon as he was put in front of the hologram display device.

Plaine Images' team at the Laval Virtual

The north France was well represented with the Plaine Images and its innovative companies. Indeed, Holusion was among them withAspic Technologies, Artenpik and Prestadi.

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Laval Virtual

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