XXL hologram

Hologramme Iris xxl

XXL Hologram, a life sized holographic display


Le nouvel Iris

Last week, we introduced an hologram out of the ordinary : The IRIS 75*. With its unique face, it looks like a lot like the IRIS 42, designed for Thalès and Nausicaa. The main difference ? It's twice as big, twice as impressive !

Designed for real estate projects, This "giant" hologram, as it is sometime called, have already impressed every visitor in the Plaine Images showroom where it is installed.

Take a look at how it is assemblied ! A screen, a miror and some Pepper's Ghost !

* Why 75 ? Because the holographic screen size is 75 inches !

XXL projects

Bigger, more impressive, but to what end ? For real estate or industrial purposes, projects must be seen in a very precise way to be understood and analyzed. Futhermore, beside explaning a concept or a product, this product can be a powerful marketing tool to create a brand new experience. It can become an interactive display thanks to our software expertise. Connected to a tablet or a pad, one can zoom, turn and manipulate the 3D image inside the hologram

What's next?

Museum and stores can also benefit from this technology! The IRIS can fit in an exhibition, a point of sale, a car dealership

To see it, rendez-vous in the Imaginarium building, the main building in the Plaine Images, Tourcoing !
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