Hologramme Nausicaa

Nausicaa adopts the holograms

Today, museums are facing the same issue : how to create new experiences for visitors ? A lot got it, it goes by new technologies : transparent screens, 3D prints and holograms.

Nausicaa is a marine environment discovering center, located in Boulogne-sur-Mer in France north.

Its idea ? Creating memorable interactions for each visitor to go back with intense memories of his path at Nausicaa.

Extension project in CAB* region

The hologram reveals the 360° Nausicaa model. The device becomes a real presentation tool : the visitor attention is captured and the dialogue with the audience is promoted.

In here, with a simple hand gesture, visitors are invited to touch a touch-sensitive surface with hologram. The Nausicaa's model then starts to turn in real time and in 360°. Everyone can then discover the museum and imagine his personalized tour's itinerary.

*Communauté d'agglomération du Boulonnais

The hologram as a flagship project

The issues of this economic and cultural project are really important. Adapted innovative tools are set up to push this territory revitalization.

Where is Nausicaa located ?

Logo Nausicaa

also made by holusion...

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