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Holographic showcase

23 000 € ex. VAT



The holographic display IRIS 75 is perfectly suited for presentation purposes. This giant hologram is 2 meters wide and 1,60 meter high. It is powered by an Ultra HD monitor, displaying 4K images with high quality and fidelity. Give more impact to your messages and brands with this high-end holographic display and catch your public's attention.

The Iris 75 in Luxembourg at Meet 2018 with a printed white Dibond finish


The Iris 75" is customizable by design and can be set-up as a landscape or portrait display.

Make it visually distinctive with a wide variety of finish, from the integrable raw metal structure to textile or rigid covers, use the whole surface as an additional display area


Its size and quality give you the opportunity to display content with precision. Don't let any detail left on technical ou educative presentations. Real-estate is a major player for this technology as it allows them to display 3D model of building very easily

Schéma de dimensions de l'iris 75


  • brightness
  • active display size
    165 (H) x 92(V) cm
  • contrast ratio
    1200:1 (minimum)
  • resolution
  • total size
    202(L) x 111(l) x 172(h) cm
  • weight
    120 kg
  • power
    650W (screen)
  • processor

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