Holographic solutions

End-to-end solutions

Our experience with holographic displays allows us to provide end-to-end, reliable and high-quality solutions.

Work ethics

When working with holusion, you can trust us to manage your project from an initial idea to a working product. We provide unrestricted access to our products for our customers to allow you to freely choose any contractor you need, for any part of your projects.

A 75 inch product displays an architectural project

Interactive models

Use your BIM files to create accurate views of your buildings.

We provide ready to use solutions for augmented BIM models

A 75 inch holographic display at french fair vivatech in 2018

Holographic telepresence

Speak as an hologram, recorded or in a live event.

From shooting to device set-up, check out our complete package for holographic presentations.

A 32 inch hologram at Lille's University, France

Culture and heritage

Holographic displays are a new way to enhance museum and attract new visitors.

Holusion provide innovative solution to promote cultural collections. Bring new experiences by displaying artworks, architectures or reconstitutions in holograms.

Don't let the hard work of your research and conservation team be underexploited. Use hologram to highligth scientific researches, theories and reconstitutions. Or even, display all your unavailable collections inside an interactive holographic display.

Learn more about our cultural solutions