Holusion - Krysta Arc France

Krysta glass and hologrphic mapping

Krysta with holographic enhancement

Admire th innovation of Arc Group for its high end brand "Chef&Sommelier": KRYSTA extra-resistant crystal glass. Long lasting brilliance, total transparency, superior strenght et perfect sound : this qualities are highlighted by the design of the holographic display Iris.

Classy ambiance, a revealing product design

Sober, black and classy, Iris is a one-sided hologram mixing reality and digital. Behind the glass pannel, Krysta glass becomes part of the magical animation. This technology playfully displays the object's characteristics. At the end, the table is layed, wine is served as to confort Arc's future customers in their choice.

Heading for new horizons

The Iris is a brand new range of holographic display, custom-made, it had made a great first impression in Francfort, Germany at its launch. It will now take flight to China to present the Krysta brand overseas.

Champagne sound of celebration
Laying the table for Krysta

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