Iris 22

Iris 22: A 22" holographic showcase made in france

A 22" holographic showcase

The Iris 22 is an holographic showcase that enables you to display visible holograms in a reduced space. It is a perfect solution if you want to promote your product in a store or an exhibition, with an innovative 3D display.

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illustration d'une dame regardant une borne holographique iris 22 dessin d'étoiles

Draw your customer's attention

The holographic display is really fascinating and it is a good way to draw the attention of your potential customers to your product, so that you can start a conversation about it.

The Iris 22 is easy to install, configurable and interactive, it is a perfect medium for corporate or educative presentations. Special effects, customization or augmented reality, you have plenty of options to create the holographic display that perfectly suits you.

Features of the IRIS 22

Dimensions and transport

The Iris 22 is 55cm by 40cm by 35cm and we can find a 22 inches wide HD screen in its upper side. This screen enables the display of a 49cm by 27cm picture which is visible over 180°. The holographic showcase is quite small and you can set it up almost everywhere. The Iris 22 only weighs 8kg so it can be easily transported in its tailor-made flight case, which is perfect if you have to move to another point of sale.

Pepper’s ghost illusion

The hologram exists because of the Pepper's ghost optical illusion. There is a HD screen with high brightness (1600cd/m²) at the top of the Iris 22, it projects a picture downward, on an angled glass pane and it creates the illusion of a 3D picture that levitates thanks to the optical illusion.

Un iris 22 sur sa stèle en metal affichant une maquette numérique

Functioning of the IRIS 22

The holographic showcase works thanks to a minicomputer which allows you to manage your content remotely thanks to your smartphone, tablet or computer with the Holusion Companion app. You can also connect your Iris 22 to a mini WIFI router thanks to an Ethernet cable. Doing so, you will be able to easily change the content of the Iris 22, online, as much as you want and in a few seconds only.

Each Iris 22 can store hundreds of 3D models and you can display your own creations ! Hence, you can present your products and information about them, in a fascinating 3D display. Thereby, you will have an innovative and interactive medium to strengthen your speeches and enthral your audience.

Finally, you can program the Iris 22 by yourself thanks to the available API. There are four USB ports on the holographic showcase so that you can plug various sensors (touch-sensitive screen, NFC sensor…) to enhance the experience even more.

Iris 22 video presentation

The Iris 22 offers plenty of fascinating options for 3D display. Let your imagination go and offer your customers a unique holographic experience.


Several accessories are available in option:

A flight case, perfect to safely transport your Iris 22.

A stand, to place the Iris 22 at eye level.

An opaque background, perfect if you need to hide disturbing objects behind your holographic showcase.



brightness : 1600cd/m²

active display size : 49 (H) x 27 (V) cm

contrast ratio : 3000:1

resolution : 1920 x 1080

screen diagonal : 22" (16:9)


weight : 8kg

power : 60W

total size : 55(L) x 40(D) x 35(H) cm

connections : 4 USB and 1 Ethernet ports


glass pane : glass pane

structure : Metallic structure

lights : inner spotlight

colors : black lacquer

finish : matt with sandy aspect

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