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Iris 32 representative pictogram

1 side hologram

4 500 ex. VAT

Recommended public price. available for rent
32 inches holographic showcase.
L'iris 32 en présentation d'hologrammes d'objets précieux

Holographic Showcase

The Iris 32 holographic display provides visibility to your products and projects thanks to its wide holographic showcase in high-definition. This display, highly reliable and autonomous, will fit naturally in your surroundings.

This holographic showcase is available for sale or rent.

With its easy content management and interactivity, the Iris 32 becomes the most appropriate tool for corporate presentations or education

The Iris32 is very bright and well adapted for your 3D objects presentation

Take the lead

The Iris 32 is our best offer for high impact with limited room. Its high luminosity and graphical performances make it a powerful tool in an exhibition, a point of sale or a museum.

This is why our customers trust us for their key project, such as Nausicaa, largest aquarium in Europe, for presenting fishes from the deep sea or an enginnering school new buildings at Mines d'Ales to present their new buildings.

Objects' mapping

Your product will be as one with the hologram. Positioned inside of the showcase, a video mapping appears on the product to inhance it and display complementary information. Customization, content enrichment, holographic animation are some of the tools you can use to better showcase your products

Schematic representation and dimensions of holusion's iris 32

Iris 32


  • brightness
  • active display size
    70 (H) x 39(V) cm
  • contrast ratio
  • resolution
  • screen diagonal
    32" (16:9)
  • total size
    82(L) x 68(l) x 51(h) cm
  • weight
    35 kg
  • power
  • processor
    INTEL Atom J1900
  • flight case
    protection case for worldwide delivery
  • nfc
    contactless sensor
  • wifi
    wireless connection
  • arduino
    analog micro-controller

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