Recording tutorial

Tutorial : convert people and products in hologram

Have you ever dreamed of appearing in hologram or of transforming a real product in hologram in a very short space of time ? Here is a tutorial to explain you how design this hologram very simply.
For a successful shooting, you need :
  • A black background which will disappear easily during the video editing ;
  • Different light spots (as redhead lights), to highlight the subject ;
  • Bright clothing to improve the hologram's contrast ;
  • Movements close to the body to stay in the holographic display's framework.

Step by step

1 - Shoot the subject with a black background

Shoot the subject with a black background

2 - With a few clicks, delete the black background on After Effects

Suppression du fond noir sur le logiciel After Effect

3 - Place the video in the corresponding product template

Compositing the video to holographic format

4 - Display the video in the hologram device and admire !

Humain en hologramme