Focus manual guide

The Focus provides a high definition display, with its 50cm tall hologram.

This hologram displayer gives a spectacular dimension to your product and comes to sublimate your product on stage.

The result of many years of work, the Focus uses an exclusive breakthrough technology (spy pepper's ghost) allowing an optimization of the image for a better augmented reality experience.


Set Up

Please, observe the following setting up steps, not to damage the product.

Turning the product ON :

- Install the product on a stable and appropriate environment
- Plug the product on an electrical outlet
- Switch the On/Off button On
- Wait until the product has finished to start

Turning the product OFF :

- Switch the On/Off button Off


Follow the procedure provided for this purpose.


Cleaning the optical surfaces

The pyramid’s half-mirrored surfaces must have an impeccable quality to be more efficient. That’s why it is advised to always envelop them in an appropriate protection during the transport.

Their cleaning can be done with a antistatic cloth, eventually with a cleaning spray. Avoid the kitchen paper and all abrasive material.

Cleaning the base

The base of the Focus is in black painted aluminium. Avoid all the materials that could cause microscratches.

In the case of persistent traces, you can use degreasing cleaner.


For a safe transport, we’re advising to use our flight-cases. Contact us for more informations.

There are precautions to take :

  • Protect all the esthetic faces of the product
  • Use moss plays in order to avoid the frictions and the chocks of the plates during the transport
  • Always transport the pyramid disassembled, the vibrations of the transport loosen the srews of the pyramid
  • Use a boc to transport the clips and screws in order not to loose, break or fold them