Media Upload


This page aim to describe as precisely as possible any information you’ll need to upload new content to your product : Connexion methods, file transfer, etc…

The holusion software is using simple yet extensive rules to classify files and apps.


As a default, products are configured to be accessible via their access-point wifi network, identified as :

SSID : <product>-<serial_number>
key  : holusionadmin

If your product doesn’t support wifi or you want a faster connexion, you can connect it to your LAN with an USB-ethernet adapter, then access it through it’s local IP, on yout local network or on your work station.

If you’re connected through wifi, the product’s IP should be

Once connected to the product, use a web browser to navigate to If it doesn’t load, please verify you’re well connected to your product. Reboot it if need be.

mime type error


Supported file formats are:

  • video files
  • .mov, .avi, .mp4, .flv, .mkv
  • executables files
    • without a required extension, of mime type application/
  • Archvie folders respecting those conditions
    • .tar.gz (best), .tar, .zip


Use the “Upload” bar to find your file and send it.

upload bar remote holusion

A successful upload


Archives are the best system to package full apps, often requiring multiple files to work with. For example, Unity apps. However they require slightly more attention than simple files.

Supported formats are : .tar, .tar.gz, .zip.

Archive content **must be identified by one of the following methods for the upload to be valid : (once one element is valid, the following ones will be ignored)

  1. Have a package.json file in root folder with:
    1. a start field with the exec command.
    2. a script:start field with the exec command.
    3. a bin with a single file’s path relative to package.json.
    4. a main field with a single file’s path relative to package.json.
  2. Have only one file in root folder. May also have subfolders.

file requirements need to be binaries or scripts with a shebang header. minimal package.json file :

  "name":"my wonderful app",

Holusion is npm compatible. Fields are either of same use or of different names.

Archives created by those rules can be transfered to any Holusion products.