Redirect your Pixel


It’s easy -and free- to make your own domain provide direct access to your videos. In this example we will make users visiting be redirected internally to holusion’s videos normally found in

You can set this up for your own account by replacing example and example-domain with your account name and domain name.

Original content URL

Without redirect

Redirected URL

With Redirect

Setting up your CNAME

Personnal playlist “view” for any account can be accessible at :

We will make your CNAME internally point to this address. Head to your DNS provider’s configuration Zone to make the following changes. Screenshots are taken from OVH’s interface, but any Host should have similar features.

Configuring the DNS

If you don’t have access to your domain’s configuration, please contact your network admin

Warning : Modifying any used domain name can make your website inaccessible. Ask for advice if unsure.

dns zone add entry

You need to set up a CNAME invisible redirect from your domain to (replace "example" with your account name).

in your DNS admin page, click "Add an entry".

The CNAME must point from your chosen domain to

Attention : It must have a trailing ".", or it will point relatively to the domain (

The textual representation of this entry is :

pixel IN CNAME

"pixel" here is the chosen subdomain of we want to use.

DNS entries can have up to 24 hours of propagation time. You can verify the redirection with a DNS explorer like dig.

dns zone edit CNAME

Example :

$ dig