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Tell your stories with holograms

You will find below some of the pretty stories we wrote with our customers, from very different backgrounds and discover all the possibillities offered by the holographic devices provided by Holusion.

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Musée du National du Sport

Numérisation et médiation innovante pour le sport et la culture

Holographic museums

Digitalization for education and cultural heritage

Inauguration of the ShAke building

The new headquarter of the Caisse d'Epargne CEHDF disclosed in holograms


Holographic Museum

Ca Tisse Factory

Valorisation of industrial heritage as holograms

Route du Rhum 2018

A hologram to know all you need about life on the sea

VivaTech 2018

Viva Technology, French CES?

Laval Virtual 2018

A new generation of holographic display a the biggestAR and VR exhibition in France

Chez CTG

New experience in Luxembourg for the Iris 75

Lille Catholic University

The founders, Philibert and Camille in hologram

The "31" in hologram

Iris 75, for Vinci Immobilier

XXL hologram

Iris 75, a life sized holographic display