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Tell your stories with holograms

Below you will find some articles we wrote with our customers, each from a very different background. Discover all the possibillities offered by the holographic devices provided by Holusion.

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Interactive holograms for your exhibitions

Pierre de Seine - holographic maquette

Holographic showroom presentation

Opel - Claro automobiles

The new Mokka as an hologram

Klick500 : Innovation and holograms

An holographic display for product presentation

Alençon : a modern tale...

The story of Alencon now unveiled to the public

TOP5 of the best hologram uses

The best uses for holographic displays

Renoir Reborn

Let Renoir be your guide for one day.

How do holographic projections work ?

What, How, When and Where.

BIM and holographic models

Hologram as a real-estate presentation tool

Musée du National du Sport

Numérisation et médiation innovante pour le sport et la culture

Holographic museums

Digitalization for education and cultural heritage

Inauguration of the ShAke building

The new headquarter of the Caisse d'Epargne CEHDF disclosed in holograms