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Tell your stories with holograms

Below you will find some articles we wrote with our customers, each from a very different background. Discover all the possibillities offered by the holographic devices provided by Holusion.

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Holusion - Laval Virtual 2017

A new generation of holograms at the greatest VR and AR show

Holusion - International Agricultural Show 2017

Displaying tourism and cultural heritage of Northern France : holograms, 3D printing and NFC

Holusion - Krysta Arc France

Chef&Sommelier glass presented in holograms with the Iris 22

Holusion - Holographic showcase

How Ralph Lauren designed its hologram on 5th Avenue

Holusion - Happy New Year 2017

The Dentsu agency wanted to wish you a happy new year in a very special way !

Holusion - Kiabi is coloring Paris

For the holidays, Kiabi installed a hologram in the storefront of its popup store !

Paris Retail Week 2016

Kiabi's hologram presentation on Paris Retail Week 2016 edition


An interactive model to present the new extension of the Oceanography center Nausicaa

Futur En Seine 2016

Bagdad 3D, future of our origins.



Laval Virtual 2016

Augmented Reality show

Holusion - Smart shopping experience

Future shopping experience