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Tell your stories with holograms

Below you will find some articles we wrote with our customers, each from a very different background. Discover all the possibillities offered by the holographic devices provided by Holusion.

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XXL hologram

Iris 75, a life sized holographic display

reinventing museums

Louvre-Lens Museum conference : How to upgrade museums in Hauts-de-France Region

Holographic twin

A new way to make a presentation

Fashion Tech Festival

Holographic marketplace with Oney

International Paris Air Show, Thalès in holograms

Thalès makes use of innovative 3D holograms for its presentation

Holusion - Laval Virtual 2017

A new generation of holograms at the greatest VR and AR show

Holusion - International Agricultural Show 2017

Displaying tourism and cultural heritage of Northern France : holograms, 3D printing and NFC

Holusion - Krysta Arc France

Chef&Sommelier glass presented in holograms with the Iris 22

Holusion - Holographic showcase

How Ralph Lauren designed its hologram on 5th Avenue

Holusion - Happy New Year 2017

The Dentsu agency wanted to wish you a happy new year in a very special way !

Holusion - Kiabi is coloring Paris

For the holidays, Kiabi installed a hologram in the storefront of its popup store !

Paris Retail Week 2016

Kiabi's hologram presentation on Paris Retail Week 2016 edition