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The innovative digital display specialist

Holusion designs, develops and markets innovative display solutions based on the technology of transparent screen and digital holography, an illusion commonly known as Pepper's Ghost.

We propose these tools and new medias to the companies who want to interact differently with their clients, students or collaborators. This allows them to improve the promotion of their product, their brand and their product's use

accompagnement personnalisé

Personalised support

You want to create an innovating project to enhance your business but you do not yet have a precise idea ? We are here to recommend you and to guide you in the choice of your solution as well as in the creation of custom products !

All ready a hologram specialist ? Our online technical resources will make you go even further.

Innovative positioning

Holusion has an industrial vision of its business : its ambition is to democratize holographic solutions. But Holusion develops more and more a strong consulting dimension. The company assists its clients and influencers to develop an adapted and successful project.

Our timeline

Holusion Timeline

Mai 2012
First Prototype
The team launchs the project in Lille, Northern France
June 2013
First Award for our work on R&D
Holusion project is known as a leader in holographic display technology
September 2013
Holusion's Prism hits the market
The interactive holograms get attention from many business areas
January 2014
LMI Innovation
Holusion takes its first step into the innovative startup ecosystem and gets its first funding
August 2014
Plaine Images
Holusion joins this cluster for Digital Creativity and Innovation
Early 2015
Cap Digital - Pictanovo - Picom
Fundraising and innovation

The team

Thibault Guillaumont

Founder and CEO

Sebastien Dumetz

Founder and CTO

Ségolène Duhamel

Communication manager

Paul Bonneel

Production Manager

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